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The Story of Align: How Golf and my Mom influenced the start of MYTEAMALIGN.COM



My mother and golf. Two major influences in my life that moved me to create Align.

I enjoyed the game of golf from the very first time I picked up a club. I have learned some very valuable lessons through the game. It also introduced me to some truly wonderful people. Some are professional golfers I met playing Pro-Am Tournaments as well as caddying for Tour Players . The pros told me about the realities of breaking onto the PGA tour and earning a PGA card. There are more than 50 million golfers worldwide and only 125 PGA tour cards. It made me start to think about improvements that could be made to how we approach youth golf teams and clubs: ways to raise the level of competition, attract more fans to the game, and support more young players. And it made me think about what athletic management really means when it comes to giving those players a chance. I believe it is time for golf fans to enjoy building a Team Within The Tour.

Sports management companies have something valuable to learn about giving back. Both to their players and to the game. Growing up I learned the true meaning of the word charity by watching my mother. She is the most generous person I have ever known. She would give away everything she has if she could. She taught me the value of compassion and charity. She’s still giving at 89 years of age. I am grateful for the lessons my mother taught me. I’ve met hundreds of people while volunteering and giving to the community. That was all driven by mom’s inspiration. Charity is part of who I am as a person. It was only natural that I made it a central part of Align’s business model.

Want to know what Align is really about? It’s about Live to Give.

Athletic Management that’s Committed to the Players, Fans, and the Charities We Support

I have always been driven by a commitment to success and community service. I believe we should leave the world better than we found it. The concepts behind Align create a better way to support professionals. It’s a win for the sport, and brings the fans closer to the game. Inside the ropes. And it creates a large community of giving that you won’t always find in some sports agency firms.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Together, we can build a foundation for aspiring youth and professional golfers that not only foster their dreams, but help players obtain them.

Align is the Team within the Tour. Golf is one of the few sports that is not a team sport once the player moves on from collegiate golf. I believe that together, we can change how athletic management is done — and we can help people around the world while we do it.

What Sports Management Companies Could Learn from Charitable Giving

four alignI took my mom’s example to heart when I first conceived Align. Having studied at Temple and Rutgers Universities, I was always fascinated with the communications industry and founded Nordicom. We have become one of the most successful digital media companies, due to our team approach. Our current clients include Canon, Panasonic, LG Electronics, Sharp Electronics and the National Urban League. Now, MYTEAMALIGN.COM takes the same approach. To put the fans first and provide support to our professional golfers, while simultaneously giving back to The Align Charitable Foundation.

I am a Member of the New Jersey Special Olympics Committee and an avid supporter of the New Jersey Golf Foundation. I support Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, Songs of Love Foundation, Komen for A Cure, Sloan Kettering, St Jude’s Hospital and many other noteworthy organizations annually. I have also financially supported Web.com Tour Players and LPGA Players with more than $750,000 in personal out of pocket support, while asking for nothing in return except a PGA Tour win! And of course, a give back to charity!

Because I believe that real athletic management is about putting people first. We Live to Give

Let’s Build a Better World — Together

I know I can make an even greater difference. That’s why I founded My Team Align. I am committed to improving the world as I know it. Hopefully that will improve the world as you know it too. Let’s partner together to support professional golfers and, soon to support other professionals in the worlds of Tennis, NASCAR, MotoCross, BMX and many more individual sport models in the near future. My Team Align is also moving forward in the near future to build teams of Musicians and Actors with the same vision in mind. Take talent to the next level and much closer to the fan.